Sunday, September 18, 2011

How To Enable Hibernate In Window 7

Hibernation is one of the coolest feature of Window 7 which is available in your operating system in disable mode and not default part of window 7,but what make this feature cool Sometimes when lots of application are running on your computer and suddenly you have to leave your system and you don't want to turn of your system.Now what to do in that condition,@ that time you can enable this cool feature called Hibernation to solve your problem.

The amount of free space on the hard disk needs to be greater than the amount of RAM in order for hibernation to work.

But this article is not about which discussed above,the main theme of the article is "How to Hibernate To Enable Hibernate in window 7" as few day back i posted article on "How to Hibernate your system for Window XP".And to make that thing possible just follow simple and easy steps discussed below:

1.First of all go to "Control Panel" ,then "Power Options" and then "Battery Setting.
2.After that you will get page in which you get option of "Choose what power to do" and "choose what closing the lid does" (shown below in picture).
3.After that click "Choose what power to do" option if u want to active hibernate for power button and "choose what closing the lid does" for lid option.I'm showing for power button and its also same for lid option.

4.Then press on scroll tab shown in front of "when i press the power button" and select hibernate under both "On battery" and "Plugin option". And do same for "when i close the lid option" if u want to make hibernation for lid option.

And you are done,You can simple press the power button in your CPU which is situated above mine restart button in my system,this will directly hibernate your system and when you start again just again press the power button

So next time if you are in hurry just hibernate your system and get tension free about process happening in system and don't forget to share your experience with Technocage

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