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Firefox 5 Aurora Is Available for Download With New features- Updated!!

After a release of Firefox 4 and Firefox 4.2 few day back Mozilla is working on the another release of their next version called Firefox 5 Aurora.This version is scheduled to be released by first half of this year as this is also a part of Mozilla goals of 2011 and finally get released today  .After lots of hardwork Firefox 5 release is released.If you want to give the try to Firefox 5 (Aurora)just download if from below provided link :

In this release team had decided to add some expected feature OS some changes which are shown below:
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ResponsivenessImproved SharingLocation bar cleanupSearch box cleanupHome tabApp tabs global, chrome lessSilent updates, stub installer, Mac install experiencetab sliding, plugin focus, add-ons 3 sec warningNew TabTaskbar web appsUser control over extensions
If you want to give the try to Firefox 5 Aurora just download if from below prov…

Download "Windows Thin PC "Beta For Window 7

Window 7 is hottest keyword and search million a time in a day but it deserve that because windows launched day by day a greater list of product and daily we get news about window 7 ,An in addition another branch of window 8 keyword is also search for the same reason and today I'm feeling honored to share with you that Windows has make windows Thin PC beta available for download 

What is Windows Thin PC beta ?
Windows Thin PC which is also know as(WinTPC) is a latest version of Windows 7 which is basically created for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) customers. You can say that it is a smaller footprint, locked down version of Windows 7 designed for virtualised environments to rebuild their existing PCs as thin clients. PCs with WinTPC will not require the VDA license that regular thin clients will need to access VDI desktops according to Microsoft.Let we have look at screenshot of this software below:
Snapshot source:Winrumor
One and very cool news is that Microsoft has decided n…

Google Provide New Interface (look) To Orkut In 2011

Google had promised to provide new interface to Blogger ,But honored to share with you that Google has again provide new interface to Orkut as it is also a branch of tree name called Google.According to orkut team "they are trying to improve some of the feature of orkut to give a cool look to orkut .As this is not changed universally they have updated some profile so that users feedback make the work easier .But this is not a matter to be tensed because day by day all profile will updated automatically .so if you don’t see anything right away, just sit tight and you’ll see them soon!
Here are some of the new enhancements that you’ll begin to see in a few weeks:
1.Left navigation, to help you get to the most popular features more easily. 2.A new larger profile photo, a popular request. Be sure to upload a higher resolution photo of yourself! 3.New full profile view, which lets you and your friends see your info, interests, badges, testimonials and recent photos and videos. 4.New full…

Reliance First 4G Tablet In India At Rs 8000 (160$)

In India we all know that 3G (Latest 3G Mobile) is successfully launched in maximum parts of the Country and some parts are still struggling for 3G services ,But we also know that in some rest parts of world 4G service is on the Rocks even HTC ,Motorola,Sony Ericsson have launched their 4G mobile phone which support this service  (Take a look at Latest 4G mobile).And i Don't think that know one is aware of Tablets and pads which are stepping into the market day by day.And by 4G to be Future need for the country most of the leading Telecom providers in India have begun thinking of their doors for 4G in India.
But we are now here to Explain you about What is 4G service ? The aim of writing this article is News which will take revolution in Telecom Provided ,And i think you heard it right that Yeah you heard that right, Reliance Tablet for Rs. 8000…that to LTE (commonly called as 4G).

Reliance is planning to be the first service to provide 4G service in India so that they will become t…

Download Android 1.0 For Winamp Is Now Available

Honored to share with that latest version of Winamp for Android release and available for download which is provided with some cool features, a completely redesigned Home screen, Lock-screen player & Now Playing screen, and oh yeah did we mention free music!Other features include browsing by Genre, album art gesturing, & using your Android's Voice Action to "listen to" artists and songs in Winamp. The latest release is now available in more languages: Dutch, Italian, Spanish & Turkish.
Let we discuss about some of the new features which are provided with Winamp ,this time are shown below: Bit before reading this why don't you have look at the 14 free and best Application for Android
1.Download and Stream Free Music

By using this version of Winamp for Android Home screen, you will be able to access to Free Music and also able to stream songs and download those if you like them .
2.Now Playing Redesign

Tap on the screen to reveal additional options includin…

Firefox 4 (Finally) Released With New Interface,Download For Free(updated)

Firefox 4 is finally released for Windows 7, Vista, and XP, the Intel versions of Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6, and Linux.Firefox is one of the best browser which is used all over the world as we all know that few day back Internet Explorer 9 is out and due to which some of users get attracted toward new features.So by wondering that thing Firefox released another version with name of Firefox 4.As few day before Firefox 4 is out for N900 which is greater success
For starters, all users get a redesigned tabs-on-top interface which look very similar to latest version of Opera mini browser ,Windows XP users don’t get tabs on tab by default and they have also decided to keep the old menu bar exposed by default for users of this older OS.Users can also re-enable different type of classic Firefox by enabling Menu Bar on Top in the same menu.

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Why don't you have a try  at Firefox 4.2

For window 7

For window Xp

While in Mac OS the tabs are ab…

Google Provide New Interface To Blogger In 2011

We all know that 2010 is great year for blogger and we all know that blogger is one of the best platform which is used by all over the world.Blogger users published more than half a billion blog posts with more than 400 million active readers which shows about the popularity of blogger.Blogger provide the choice of 50 different language by using which users can write article in according to their desired language.
Now blogger has also introduced template designer, real-time stats, comments spam filtering , mobile templates , web fonts , and more.But in 2011 Google has decided to give new interface to blogger which is cool step by blogger to attract more users to be a part of blogger.
Today Blogger provide officially new look to interface of blogger(New interface to Orkut in 2011) let we have look at some of the snapshots of this interface shown below:
Blogger Arrangement

Blogger Dashboard

Blogger Article

Blogger Stats

Blogger Interface

 Blogger Overview

Blogger Post

 Blogger Location

You can als…

Original Windows 8 Milestone 3 Official wallpaper now available For Download

Window 8 is one of the hottest topic which is regularly search by the users all over the world to get the latest news about window 8.Back to back we heard lots of news window 8 leak news which make curious to know about window * as in earlier post Technocage share lots of window 8 leak news and still we try to give updates related to it.
As in previous article we read about unofficial wallpapers of window 8 and Today another news come according to which Additional Windows 8 taskbar images leaked and the build contained a new Windows 8 wallpaper.There’s little to say about the wallpaper but it’s 100% genuine from recent Windows 8 builds.
So if you are interested to grab that wallpaper to get a real feeling of window 8 you can download it from below link you are also provided a preview of that wallpaper

25 official window 8 wallpaper

Download Window 8 Genuine Wallpaper

Window 7:10 Latest And Hot News About Window 7

Window 7 is one of the best operating system used all over the world and day by day we heard lots of updates,rumors and news from the officials of window 7 .We all know that window 7 is hottest topic after window 8 and people regularly visit some social website digg,twitter, reddit and all so as to get news about these keyword.
So i decided to gather some of the latest and hottest news about window 7 so that people who reading my article are able to read some hot about window 7 ,You can also love to read Latest and Hottest News about window 8 which are discussed below:
1.Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Asus Slate Commercials

While we still haven’t got an actual shipping date for the Asus Eee Slate PC , we do have some commercials for it at last, which could mean it’s on the way soon. The Asus Eee Slate PC is probably one of the first proper Windows 7 tablets that we’ve seen which have been endorsed by Microsoft. Continue
2.Troubleshooting Windows 7 Free Webcast from Windows7News Editor

If you…