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5 Best Kindle Fire Apps For Kids

If you’ve just purchased Amazon Kindle Fire, don’t be surprised that you cannot purchase any application from the Android market. You can only get the apps from Appstoreof Amazon for Android, and whatever you had been enjoying on an Android Smartphone, will no longer work with Kindlefire. But, don’t worry, if you’re looking out for some cool apps for your kiddos, there are quite a few, and we’ve compiled a list of 5 best Kindle Fire apps for kid, which you can get from the Amazon store. Kids Match'em Kids Match'em app is particularly designed for kids. The App is classic and it is a matching game interfaced with fun. It is the best way for improving your children's sensory memory and short-term memory. The App supports all screen resolutions and display sizes smooth animation and top quality graphics. It also features 2 levels of difficulty, nice sound effects, and 4 dissimilar matching-card sets. The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss The app allows you to pick one of the …
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4G Samsung Galaxy S II X Review,Feature And Price

4G Samsung Galaxy S II X is going to be Launched Soon, It is a First 4G Smartphone by Samsung and it will going to be the Canada's fastest Smartphone.It has announced by Telus that the Device will be Official Launched on 28th October but it seems to be that the Device is not upgraded to ICS,As we all know that Samsung Galaxy S is already in stepped in market and rocking the smartphone world and their is another smartphone which is also rolling the market side wise called Samsung Galaxy Nexus the first mobile using Operating system Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich . but 4G Samsung Galaxy S II X is coming up with the Previous Version GingerBread aka Android 2.3.which sounds pretty uncool.

But we are not here to compare about which smartphone is using which Operating system and all to lets skip the chat on other smartphone and come to point on which total article is based ...
Let we have a look on cool and awesome Features of New Phone
1.Download Apps
Downloading Apps and Streaming Video…

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Review And Features

Android 4.0 OS also known with name Sandwich Ice Cream is launched and it is a Great news for Android users. Android Developers has worked together to improve the Android OS and they came up with three directives that "Enchant me, Make my Life Simpler, Make me awesome". Android 4.0 is came in market just after a day Samsung Launched its new Smartphone Galaxy Nexus,And its  only Phone till now  which using OS Android 4.0. As our Article is about Sandwich Ice Cream so I think we should stop this chat here here and come to point on which  this whole article is depend.

As we all know that "Android 4.0 -Sandwich Ice Cream"  is totally a new type of Operating System and every body want to know about feature and the update which this OS going to cover in place of Andriod 3.0 -Honeycomb ,So i made mine mind to gather all information about this Cool operating system so that mine all Technocage readers can have look @ it.So why don't you have look @ all the feature which …

Google Docs Previews collaborative presentations,60 New Features

Google docs i guess from last few month we didn't get any update from this integral part of Google but but slept devil is rise up today,and we can't even believe why its behaving like slept devil,So if you wish to know continue reading about that.

I guess its its year ago Google docs released completely new document, spreadsheet and drawing editors, and few day back Provide New User Interface To Blogger,And today their is another update made on official blog i.e "Google Docs has been picking up speed ever since with more than 60 new features and millions of new users."And today final official is made by previewing the new version of presentation with faster speed
Basically Google Docs is Integral part of Google which help us to create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere. Manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more all in one ...
Let we have look at some of the cool feature which are added to Google docs to make it look…

Raven For Mac OS ,Review,Features And Download

Apple the name which is now a days popular with newly released application called Siri which is inbuilt part of iPhone 4S which is already breaking axle of all other smartphone which are standing in front,And also giving great competition to upcoming Android phone Samsung galaxy Nexus which is not released yet.But this are is not about iPhone 4S Review and all this article is about Raven For Mac, the smart browser for Mac OS .We also know thatiOS 5 is Available For Free Download with Ultimate Features,which shows that Apple is in full mood to show his dominancy over their competitors .

Lets we cut this chat here and have some look about Raven For Mac, the smart browser for Mac OS!!!
What is Raven For Mac?
Raven provides full access to your social networking services in a single and unified way. It uses a technique called ‘site specific browsing’ to create a dedicated browser instance for each web app in the Smart Bar. via Purlplanet
Features Of Raven For Mac
1.The Smart Bars

Raven leverages…

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Review,Price And Specification

Samsung Galaxy Nexus or also known as “Nexus Prime",is one of the best android phone "According to Samsung" after Samsung Galaxy 2S .but Samsung is not stick to these name their are also some other big names which is popular among users like Samsung Galaxy Ace , Samsung Galaxy Mini , Samsung Galaxy Fit and Samsung Galaxy Gio.We all know Samsung Galaxy Nexus is stepping first Feet in Android Market.And users are very curious to know about the specification of this android phone which is not officially announced till ,so today i decided to give a little preview about Samsung Galaxy Nexus so that mine readers get some idea about Nexus Prime.

Let we have look at some of main specification of Samsung Galaxy Nexus which are discussed below:
This time Samsung Galaxy Nexus is provided with "TI OMAP 4460 dual-core Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1.2GHz"
2.Operating System
Samsung Galaxy Nexus  will run over Android 4.0 called “Ice Cream Sandwich.”
Samsung …

3 iPhone 4 Wine Apps That Tempts You Like Discount Coupons On Market Part – I

For all Wine lovers over there, this is the one stop place that which helps you to know about the best iPhone Wine Apps available. Wondering what these iPhone apps would do? Yea, don’t think they are going to get wine or your iPhone going to pour Wine on your glass. These apps help you to know about the wine. Wine is one of the best medicines to protect you from Heart disease and also cancer. So, in this post we are going to check-out the 4 best iPhone 4 Wine apps.

Generally, most of the wine lovers used to check out the best discount coupons available. I used to find the best discount coupons available for few of my favourite wines like Laithwaites Wine and Zagat Wine.
Here are the 3 Best iPhone 4 Wine Apps
#1. Pair It:

Pair it, is one of the best wine app that which gives you the pairing ideas of your favourite wine with food and vice versa. It is a wine, food, or ingredients for pairing the stuff which are the some of fresh ideas. Some of the exciting features like Wine Library of …