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Preview Of Upcoming Game Need For Speed:The Run

Need For Speed is the name which is mainly knows for provider of best racing games which is played all over the world.As Need For Speed Created very big games in the history of racing games like Shift2,Most Wanted,Undercover world and many more .And today they added another name in the list of racing game which is announced to be as Need For Speed:The World.

About "The Run"

The world’s most notorious drivers on the country’s most dangerous roads. In Need for Speed The Run, you’ll weave through dense urban centers, rocket down icy mountain passes and navigate narrow canyons at breakneck speeds, all the while evading a relentless police force prepared

Preview upcoming game Assassin's Creed's Revelations

Need For Speed:The World is Another Upcoming Racing game by Need for speed which is officially announced today .Since the release of Undercover, Black Box has been working on another entry to the franchise, presumably continuing the action focused street-racing gamepl…

Preview Of Upcoming PC Game Brink

Brink is an upcoming first-person shooter video game which is developed by Splash Damage for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Brink is cool team-based multiplayer missions which you can equally playable in offline single player mode,This cool game is designed by Well know designer Paul Wedgwood(Game Director) and Neil Alphonso(Level Designer).Brinks is hitting gaming market this spring in the 2nd week of May.

Preview Need For Speed:The Run
Preview upcoming game Assassin's Creed's Revelations 
Brink is About
Brink is a first-person shooter with is totally focus on fluid, parkour style movement which is similar to that seen in games such as Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge and co-operative play. The Main focus of this game is Online play which allow up to sixteen players to play online, eight on each team. The game features both cooperative and team-based competitive options as well as the ability to play against bots.The player can choose to play one of fou…

Preview Of Upcoming Apple Mobile "Iphone 5"

Iphone 5 is another hottest keyword which is equally searched by users all over the world side by side with another keyword called "Window 8" .We all know that this year Another offspring of Iphone series is stepping first Feet in this Cyber And Tech world.And users are very curious to know about the specification of this iphone which is not officially announced till ,so today i decided to give a little preview about about Iphone 5 so that mine readers get some idea about Iphone 5.

Let we have look at some of main specification of iphone 5 which are discussed below:

Review Nokia N9

This time Iphone 5 is provided with "1.4GHz Apple A5 Dual Core Processor"
Iphone 5 is fitted with "1 GB ram" which make the processing of Iphone 5 more faster then Iphone 4.
3.Storage Memory
Now you are able to store more and more data in your Iphone 5 because this time its storage capacity is "32GB/64GB"
Resolution is another main aspect which e…

Preview Of Upcoming Operating System Window 8

Window 8 is becoming a mystery day by day after back to back leaked information about it.And I guess James bond is also spy on the Microsoft's center to check about the truth what is truth about window 8 and what is different in window 8 in comparison to previous version of Windows OS.As we heard lots of news about Window 8 Official,unofficial Wallpaper to Window 8 User Interface and more you can read (25 News About Window 8) and More.
Now Main thing which is creating curiosity in mind of users is that how Window 8 going to look like and what are new feature which are added to this version of window 8 .So today's article is totally based on this theme in which Technocage is going to give a Preview and Concept of Window 8 which give and idea to all user How Window 8 going to look like.
So first Of all let we have look at video which is showing the neat ,clean concept of window 8 which i search on youtube while searching stuff related to window 8 is shown below:

After watching that…

Preview Of Upcoming Game Portal 2

Portal 2 is upcoming game which is going to hit the gaming world just next week their are some other games which are going to release this month but the game which mainly attracting users including me is Portal 2 .This game is a highly anticipating sequel of game which is release in 2007. Portal 2 is a hilariously mind-bending adventure that challenges you to use wits over weaponry in a fun house of diabolical science.

Preview Need For Speed:The Run
 Preview Forza Motorsports 4 Preview upcoming game Assassin's Creed's Revelations Preview Killzone 3
Portal 2 is an upcoming first-person action/puzzle video game which is developed by Valve Corporation and also above this game is sequel to critically acclaimed video game Portal which was released in 2007 and was announced on March 5, 2010,The game will be released by Valve, through both retail and Steam, for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X; PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will be distributed by Electronic Arts.All vers…

Download Latest Version Of Ovi Maps 3.07 Beta Is Available For Symbian,

Ovi is one of the main platform and center of attraction for all users who are using Nokia mobile ,and this time I'm feeling very glad to share with you that Nokia is out with Ovi Maps Beta for mobile v3.07 which is cool news for users who use Nokia mobile.As Nokia Ovi team is working very hard they finally released Ovi Maps 3.07 Beta - on the heels of the 3.06 graduation! Ovi Maps 3.07 Beta is available for all Symbian^3 devices: N8, E7, C7, C6-01, E6, X7.
This time biggest changes you’ll see is that we have removed the application menu to Map, Navigation, Check in and Local content. We did this for quick and easy access to the apps you want. What do you think about it? If you have an opinion and a minute
Let we have quick look at the some new feature which make this release so special are discussed below"
1.By using Ovi Maps Beta for mobile v3.07 users can explore and navigate the world quic and faster just with a simple tap. 2.Not this you can Open Maps, Drive, Check in and…

Microsoft's Preview Internet Explorer 10 On Windows 8

After the launch of Firefox 4 Mozilla Announce the release the of Firefox 5 in may ,then how could a software giant can left behind,they also announce the release of Internet Explorer 10 after getting a cool response from the users on present version Internet Explorer 9 and till their is no release date for Internet Explorer 10 is issued by Microsoft team.And till they have give just demonstration of Web browser on window 8.
Lets come to point ,yesterday Microsoft's release Demonstration video of Internet Explorer 10 on Upcoming Operating system called Window 8 .As we all know that Window 8 is one of the hottest keyword search now a days in field of technology and users are very curious to know about and now Microsoft combine Window 8 and Internet Explorer 10 which might make more curiosity among the users .
Must read 25 News About Window 8 10 News About Window 7
Why don't you have look at snapshot on which users working on Internet Explorer 10 on Window 8 operating system shown b…

Opera Mini 11.10 Is Available For Download,With 9 Cool Features

Opera mini name which is well know for the web browser and also for mobile browsers all most 150 million people are using Opera mini as default browsers which shows the demands and importance of this browsers as competition is getting stronger day by day ,due to which new version are released by web browser owners to fascinate users toward their web browsers.
Now come the point on which this article is totally based as we all know that Firefox 4 is out and after few day of this release Internet Explorer 9 is also rocking the Cyberworld then how opera mini be left behind ,so opera ha released it latest version called Opera Mini 11.10 which is also available for download.

Must Read
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So i decided to discuss some new which feature which you going to get in this release of Opera mini are shown below:
1.Tab stacking

2.Mouse gestures


4.Opera Turbo

5.Speed Dial


Window 8 Include Window App Store ,Screenshot leaked

Window 8 Apps store is the monday hottest leaked news from windows section ,as we all know that day by day we are getting lots of news about Window 8 as we all know that window 8 release is not fixed till but its sure that one day it will enter in Cyber world .
Now lets come to point and discuss about the news on which our article is mainly written today window 8 Apps store is release today and the snapshot which is shown below hinting that software giant is planning to offer its app store for legacy versions of Windows.Another cool thing about this store is that,this time Microsoft’s own software, including third party software from Opera and Mozilla.
Let we have a look at the snapshot which confirm possibility of window 8 app store shown below:

You might also love to read some of the previous leaks which happen before the above news about Window 8 app store 
25 Latest news about Leaks of Window 8

Window 8 - 25 Latest News About Window 8 in 2011

Window 8 is the Hottest Keyword Googled with greater intrest by people all over the world and day by day getting latest and hot news on this this key even i also update my blog when i get something new matching this key ,but some time its not possible to gather all just in one day so i decided to gather all the news on window 8 from WIndows8news so that all the reader of mine blog can get in contact with news on window 8 .
So here is the list of the link which tell you what is going with with window 8 and where the production of this Operating system reached:
1.Windows 8: Feature SmartScreen file checking security
2.Windows 8: Automatic Aero colorization based on wallpapers
3.Window 8: How Many Lawsuits Will Windows 8 Provoke?
4.Windows 8: Leak Sites Closed Down
5.Windows 8: To Include Windows Phone-like IE, PDF Reader
6.Windows 8: Windows Explorer Ribbon UI Revealed
7.Windows 8: Beta Lockscreen Revealed
8.Windows 8: Aero Requirements, Updated Desktop Window Manager
9.Windows 8: To Add History …

Microsoft Releases Bing for iPad Application Download Free

After the huge release of Internet Explorer 9 by Software giant Microsoft's had released First Ipad application called Bing for Ipad with help of which Bing allow Ipad users to browse songs,movies,bing images,bing news,local business listing and many more.By using this application now Ipad users can explore the cyber world and latest trends just in few second . Even by using this application Ipad users can search what is popular and what is reason behind that to make that thing popular.
I think this is a better application for ipad users let we discuss about some of the cool feature which is include in this Application called Bing for Ipad are discuss below:
1.Bing for iPad also includes Bing Maps with multiple map views which include road, aerial and birds eye. 2.It also included access to its vast movie listings and weather information. 3.In this application searching anything is so easy. 4.Bing has also included a voice search feature that allows iPad users to search with their voi…

Preview Of Upcoming Game Forza Motorsport 4

Forza Motorsport 4 is a racing simulator video game currently in development by Turn 10 Studios for the Xbox 360. The latest release in Microsoft's Forza Motorsport series, the game will feature new content accessible with the Kinect sensor alongside the standard controller-based gameplay. Forza Motorsport 4 is currently scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2011.

Today a Genuine promotional video for Microsoft’s Forza 4 game leaked to the Internet which make me to write and interesting review for this game as i said above this game is under production till so decided to give a sneak peak about this game.
Forza Motorsport 4 was first revealed at Microsoft's E3 2010 press conference and make a live demonstration included a passing challenge using the 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia where the player used the Kinect sensor to steer the car and to pass as many AI opponents as possible within the time limit. It also showcased a new feature that allowed players to walk freely around a…

20 Mirrors To Access Wikileaks Website and CableGate Pages.

Wikileaks is one of the hottest keyword which is searched all over the search with greater interest as we all know what wikileaks do ,WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organisation that publishes submissions of private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources, news leaks, and whistleblowers.

As we all know that Wikileaks is currently under heavy attack and in order to make it impossible to ever fully remove Wikileaks from the Internet, Wikileaks have added list of mirrors of Wikileaks website and CableGate pages.
So i decided to add 20 of the latest and best updated( 2011-04-01 23:19 GMT) mirror which are shown below: