Friday, September 16, 2011

How To Edit Video Using YouTube's Video Editor

YouTube one of the most popular giant videos channel where you can get any video just by putting one of the keyword on the search bar.But today I'm not going to tell you about what you tube is and for what purpose it used.YouTube globally launched some video editing tool for already uploaded videos to give some cool and awesome look so that video hunters can get something different to loot at.

Basically this YouTube added browser-based video editor which didn't need any browser plugin of any extra software to your system to edit video on YouTube,all you need is YouTube account.By using this video editor users can edit some minor effect to already uploaded videos in their channels to give different look to video.

By using this video editing tool on YouTube user can include minor trims, soundtrack swaps and also add some cool effects as like we tool Window Movie Maker which is in built part of Window XP.And the most important thing is that ,this editing doesn't effect the comment and view count which are mainly important for any video.

Till their we came to know what is this YouTube Video Editing Tool but the main and most important this is that How to edit video on YouTube using this video editor and to make that thing happen just follow the simple steps which are listed below:

1.First of all you need to have video if you have already video uploaded in your channel then its Ok Other wise download it.

2.Now visit,after visiting their you will get homepage like shown below:

3.After that from the list of my video select the clips which you want to add in the video,just by dragging it into video box @ bottom of page.

4.You can also do audio swapping to your video just by adding adding audio track you want by putting that in to provided audio option.But that is optional

5.And if you want to add some effect to the clip just drag the effect and drop it on the clip on which you want to show the effect 

When you think you had done all thing correctly and video is edit and ready to get online just press the publish button on the right top side on the page.And you are done ,so now you can edit any video you want to edit on YouTube according to your desire.

You might also love to watch video about little tutorial about "How to edit Video In YouTube" shown below:

So what are you waiting for folks just edit you YouTube videos and don't forget to share with Technocage about the Experience.

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