Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Download "Windows Thin PC "Beta For Window 7

Window 7 is hottest keyword and search million a time in a day but it deserve that because windows launched day by day a greater list of product and daily we get news about window 7 ,An in addition another branch of window 8 keyword is also search for the same reason and today I'm feeling honored to share with you that Windows has make windows Thin PC beta available for download 

What is Windows Thin PC beta ?

Windows Thin PC which is also know as(WinTPC) is a latest version of Windows 7 which is basically created for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) customers. You can say that it is a smaller footprint, locked down version of Windows 7 designed for virtualised environments to rebuild their existing PCs as thin clients. PCs with WinTPC will not require the VDA license that regular thin clients will need to access VDI desktops according to Microsoft.Let we have look at screenshot of this software below:

                                       Snapshot source:Winrumor                                     

One and very cool news is that Microsoft has decided not to charge customers for Windows Thin PC.And one and more important thing which make that thing very cool is that Microsoft’s is offering this Software as Assurance for customers.Microsoft’s Software Assurance is a Licensing tool which make a businesses large and small to spread licence with help of which you are able to get and receive “free” upgrades to newer versions during the licence period for many years.

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You can download first version of Windows Thin PC from below provided link

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