Friday, March 25, 2011

Download Android 1.0 For Winamp Is Now Available

Honored to share with that latest version of Winamp for Android release and available for download which is provided with some cool features, a completely redesigned Home screen, Lock-screen player & Now Playing screen, and oh yeah did we mention free music!Other features include browsing by Genre, album art gesturing, & using your Android's Voice Action to "listen to" artists and songs in Winamp. The latest release is now available in more languages: Dutch, Italian, Spanish & Turkish.

Let we discuss about some of the new features which are provided with Winamp ,this time are shown below: Bit before reading this why don't you have look at the 14 free and best Application for Android

1.Download and Stream Free Music

By using this version of Winamp for Android Home screen, you will be able to access to Free Music and also able to stream songs and download those if you like them .

2.Now Playing Redesign

Tap on the screen to reveal additional options including the info button, extras button, shuffle & repeat and you are ready to playing redesign.

3.Home Screen Redesign

 This time winamp team had added two buttons to the Home screen called as "Free Music" & "Search".

4.Lock-Screen Player

Now this is the coolest feature of this android version release now lock-screen player to have the same look and feel as the updated Now Playing screen.

5.Integration with Android's "Listen To" Voice Action

Use your Android's Voice Action to listen to artists and songs in Winamp. But for make that thing happen be sure that you have enable Winamp as a searchable item in your Andriod settings.

6.Additional Language Support
With the latest release, Winamp for Android now supports 12 languages including: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Spanish & Turkish. We plan on adding support for additional languages in future releases.

7.SHOUTcast Featured Stations

 The SHOUTcast Radio Directory is available on Android 2.2 and above (excluding certain non-compatible devices). In this release, we added a Featured Stations list, as well as updated the Now Playing page.

8.Album Art Swipe

Now this time you able to  swipe left or right on the album art to change tracks.

Download Winamp 1.0 for Android
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