Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to Protect your Orkut Account From Hacking

Orkut is one of the best social networking website with whom we all are familiar .As we all know most of the Google services are still in BETA. So, websites like Orkut, powered by Google is not totally secure! Several people always try feel proud in hacking other user’s account.While going through different website i question which is asked by many of the orkut user i.e "How to Protect your Orkut Account From Hacking".So i find a solution for that write post on this topic.

To protect your orkut account being hacked by someone if you want to do so just follow simple steps to make it happen which are mention below:

1.Always try to login/access your Orkut account

2.Never click on the link which is not familiar to you ,or from the source which is not known by you

3.Always try to delete links on your scrapbook, no matter if it is sent by your known or unknown.

4.Do not share your orkut login details with anyone even with yours friends.

5.Never use Javascripts on Orkut, it is also the major factor in hacking of the orkut account.

6.Never get excited to see a site claiming to have 1000 cool orkut tricks for which you have to just log in to your orkut account. That’s a Phishing site.

7.Never tick the box “REMEMBER ME” on the orkut homepage if you are surfing from a cafe or a public area.

8.Always stay away from glittering ,pictures scraps and orkut them.

9.One of the most important thing is that always try to hit the Sign Out button, when you are done

10.Never get attracted by false  advertisement like free mobile recharge which is seen in maximum websites now a days.

Note:If you wanna make your account protected from hacker just follow these simple steps.

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