Thursday, January 20, 2011

OneNote Mobile for iPhone Released by Microsoft's

It is feeling honored to announce you that Connecting Office 2010 to the web and phone which we very awesome news for all the window 7 mobile users.We all know that in June 2010, Microsoft's connected Office 2010 to SkyDrive so that user's are able to share and access their documents all over the web. And near about 20 million users accessed Office documents on SkyDrive! which is very awesome news for Microsoft's team.

In August, They again we all know that Microsoft's connected Hotmail to Windows Phone and iOS devices via Exchange ActiveSync.In October 2010, Microsoft's connected OneNote on Windows Phone 7 to SkyDrive so that you could access your personal or shared notebooks across your PC and your Windows Phone.

And today January 18th very good news for people of US that now you are able to download OneNote Mobile for your iPhone for free as this is limited time option for users, And Microsoft team is working as well to make that thing happen in other regions and they have announce that they will give update becomes available.

What is OneNote ?

OneNote is a cool feature by using which you could combine ink, text, images, and markup all in one application.OneNote mature into the most powerful and flexible note taking application through three Office releases.

OneNote now connected across your PCs, and across your Windows Phone or iPhone you have access anywhere to the best note taking tool. For things like:

1.You can get project list everywhere
2.You can choose place to organize vacation plans and trips with your friends and family
3.By using this you can quickly pull them up at the grocery store and purchase ingredients
4,You get a great collection tool for your research, like what holiday gifts to get next year,
5.Notebook that you can share with members of your household, or students in a class
6.Create flexible notes that can include text, pictures, bullets, and checkboxes

I hope this will work all the user's in cool way and if you want to download OneNote their is free option by MIcrosof'ts under which you can download it for free . You can also buy it .,

For More about OneNote for  Iphone

You can also watch the below tutorial about Noteone 2010 to get little more inside;

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