Monday, January 31, 2011

Download Window 8 Theme For Window 7 For Free

Window 8 is upcoming version of window after window7 and all users who love to use window as operating system are very curious to use window 8,but it is not possible  because window 8 is planned to release on Jan,2013,till all the user have to wait for Mosh.But not to worry about it Microsoft's never want to break the heart of their fans so they have launched the window 8 theme for window so that users can get experience of the window 8 till it get launched.

Here is special Windows 8 themes for Windows 7! called shell theme will change the look and feel of Windows 7 by 100% .let we have a look at the theme how it look like in below snapshot:

Here is another look at Windows 7 Start Menu using window 8

Note:Windows 8 Theme ONLY for Windows 7 not for Vista or XP,Download Free Windows 8 Theme

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3 comments: on "Download Window 8 Theme For Window 7 For Free"

Nitin said...

When trying to download the site prompts:Error establishing a database connection. How can we download the theme?

cyberbob said...

Its working link bro some times due to some problem it not open even I'm also getting problem in opening that ..but don't worry if will be acces soon

Steven Penny said...

that is horribly ugly

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