Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 Unofficial Windows 8 Beta Wallpaper In HD

As we all know that we always love and prefer to have some cool wallpapers and our friends at The Customize Windows of our desktop. So windows team have some of creative unofficial wallpapers exclusively for Windows 8 Beta.Most of the wallpapers are of high quality and would be suitable for most of the screens.

 Let we have a look at the unofficial wallpaper for window 8 beta below:

1.window 8 beta wallpaper

2.window 8 beta wallpaper

3.window 8 beta wallpaper

4.window 8 beta wallpaper

5.window 8 beta wallpaper

6.Window 8 beta wallpaper

So why don't you have a experience of window 8 unofficial wallpaper till the window 8 beta launch

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2 comments: on "6 Unofficial Windows 8 Beta Wallpaper In HD"

atxatx said...

almost certain: they are fake...

cyberbob said...

@atxatxOk may be its fake but I have collect those from official blogs....

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