Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Apps For Nokia N8 That Work Like Magic

Nokia beta labs has created to many apps for nokia mobile but some of those are best which are more the expectation they work like magic. Below are the 5 best application which work like magic

The first one we’ve pulled out of our hat is Shazam. Say you’re sitting in a bar or restaurant and you hear a song playing, just hold your mobile toward the music and Shazam tells you the song and the artist. We’ve been big fans for ages now, but we’re still wowed every time this fantastic app works its wizardry.

Even the name augmented reality sounds like something out of Blade Runner. One app that uses this technology in a way that always makes you wonder how it’s done is Photo Translator. As the name suggests, this app translates text from photos with a couple of clicks. Perfect for people travelling who don’t know the language but need to read a sign.

Smartphones of today are already far more powerful than the computer used to put man on the moon. Add to that a semblance of awareness and you have very powerful voodoo. Nokia Situations, created by the boffins at Beta Labs, is an amazing app that uses your phone’s functions to assess your situation and act accordingly. So say you’re in a meeting across town, your phone knows you’re there based on its GPS and tells your device to switch to silent.
We’ve all had the pleasure of being woken by alarm clocks at the time we need to get up. But what happens when you’re on your way to work and you want to have a quick snooze? It’s risky, right. Oversleep and you’re late. WakeUp uses the sorcery of GPS to wake you up not based on time but on location. Just tell it where you want the alarm to beep and it does the rest.

Jimmy Hendrix said that music is his religion. If it’s yours too, then imagine how cool it would be to have your phone play tunes based on how you feel.
Moodagent uses high tech sorcery to do just that. It takes just a few minutes to profile around about 1500 songs. Using five mood bars, sensual, tender, joy, aggressive and tempo, it can create lists to reflect exactly how you feel.


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