Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review Of Moodagent Application By Beta Labs For Nokia N8

Beta Labs is one of the best part of Nokia team you can say it is just like a playground for the crack team who are integral part of Nokia team or you can say it is a platform for those who are software developers. Beta lab is the place where latest apps get born and get pop up for other users,Here whole team work 24x7 for having new ideas and try to explore new and new way to get bunch of good apps for

It is the place where entire unit of Nokia work for having fun tools and helpful software.And yesterday Nokia Beta lab has also launched another Good Application for Nokia Synbaims called Moodagent

What is Moodagent?
Moodagent is the application with help of which you can create automatic play-list you can say it is also a automatic playlist engine which is capable of knowing your music.And to make your playlist all you have to so is just set the mood sliders or pick a song and there you have a playlist.

As it is known by all of us that music has the power to affect and change our mood at any time .Whenever you are feeling down just select those song which will cheer you up and if you are feeling happy just find a song to dance to, or if you're angry flip slide your way to a song and express your frustrations with the music.Moodagent automatically analyzes and profiles your music collection. Set the sliders to mix or pick a song to start.

One of the best quality of this application is that you can also share your mood and music with your friends on Facebook and Twitter which is very cool feature.Let we have a best snapshots of this application shown below:

How does Moodagent work?

Moodagent is totally controlled by five sliders which are know with the name called Sensual, Tender, Joy, Aggressive, Tempo which tells your mobile in which type of mood you are in and also help you to indicate the kind of music you want to hear.You can also ‘seed’ a song to create a playlist based on one specific tune, save and name playlists or remove songs from playlists.

Let we have a look at the video showing the review of Moodagent shown below:

Post source:Beta Labs
Note:Moodagent works on Symbian S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 devices. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network is required to receive profiles.And for more article related to Application
You can download Moodagent from Beta Labs

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