Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Improve Battery Life Of Your Nokia Mobile Phone

Mobile phone are one of the best gadget which took revolution in the history of gadgets and they become one of the most important part of one’s life. Every one know how much we talk on phone and the battery of the phone gets used up.As everyone knows that mobiles works on battery and battery depends on our consumption So we always find the way to save the battery of the phone so that we can get more battery packup so that we can talk more. To fulfill this need of mobile user, mobile phone companies are now come up with batteries which provide longer talk-time backup .

As with the advancement of the technology mobile phone are loaded with new feature day by day due to which the mobile are consuming to much battery .The new phones with greater megapixels is an example of this which also consume a lot of battery power. So today i decide to discuss some of the easy ways to increase your mobile phone battery life:

1.Turn off your mobile:Turning off mobile handsets is one of the best effective way to save your battery power. You can turn off your mobile during the time when you think that their is no use of your mobile phone,or when you go to bed ,when their is no connectivity or when you attend a meeting. All these measure plays an vital role in saving your battery power.

2.Turn off the connectivity means:Always try to turn off connectivity means like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared it also save your battery power.

3.Switch off the vibrate function: Vibrate function is provided in all mobile phone and this alert function in mobile phones consumes a lot of battery power. So try to switch off this function of your phone.

4.Reduce the screen brightness:If brightness of your phone is more,more will be the power consumed, so try to keep the brightness level of your phone to a minimum level.It will help to save your mobile battery.

5.Avoid screensavers: If you really want to save your battery power, try to avoid the use of screen-savers on your mobile and use of simple wallpapers will be more beneficial.

6.Terminate Applications: Always try to terminate applications of your mobile phone when their is no need of it help you to saves a lot of battery power.

7.Recharge your battery: It is good to recharge your phone properly and recharge the battery when three fourth of the battery has been used up.

8.Avoid heating: Try to keep your mobile phone in cool place.And always try to put your phone away from direct exposure to sun or any heating appliance. The preferable range at which the battery works fine is 10-35 Centigrade.

9.Avoid flash: If you have mobile with camera fitted within it just try to avoid flash light during photography also save a major portion of battery power. Flash light consume a lot of power, to turn off the flash in day.
So by using all these thing you can increase your life of your battery

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