Thursday, October 13, 2011

iOS 5 Available For Free Download,Review And Ultimate Features

As all we know that the Legend of Apple Mr. Steve Job who introduced the IPhone is no more and Apple has made a page to give the Tribute for the Great man and if you want to share your thoughts and feel tribute you can visit Official Apple page made for Mr. Steve Jobs and with this all we know that the show must go on and few days back Apple Launched new IPhone called IPhone-4S and today Apple released a new operating system called iOS-5 and I wish that you even like to know about the Most popular Mac software.

What is Ios-5?

Apple Introduced mobile Operating System for its IPhone, IPads, Apple TV and Similar Devices and basically iOS-5 is the IPhone Operating System for IPhones.

Features OF Ios-5:

iOS 5 includes more than 200 new features Let we have a look on some of them

1.Notification Center
9.PC Free

Notification Center

With the help of this great Feature you get all kinds of Notifications like New email, Friends Requests, Texts and others on your iOS Device.


For iOS 5 users new messaging service has been created with this Feature that you can send unlimited text messages via 3G, Wi-Fi from your iPad, iPhone and others.


With this Feature iOS 5 organizes your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions in a folder that lets you access your favorite publications quickly and easily.


We all need a Reminders to do our works on time and with this Feature, it will help you to organize your life in to-do lists and help you to complete your task with due dates and locations.


iOS 5 provides a Great Feature through which you can Tweet from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. After signing in once you can Tweet easily.


iOS 5 have a new Camera Feature to capture cool pictures from your iPhone,you can use grid lines, pinch-to-zoom gestures, and single-tap focus and exposure locks to compose a picture on the fly and then press the volume-up button to snap your photo in just few seconds.


This an another new Feature of iOS 5 and it provides features like Corp, Rotate, Enhance, remove Red-eye without leaving the Photos Apps.


iOS 5 gives new features for Web-browsing from your iPhone and other Devices and Safari Readers displays web articles sans ads or clutter so you can read without distractions.

PC Free

With this Great Feature you no need to have a PC to own an iPad, you can directly download free iOS 5 software updates on your device and can easily make use of any App without a need of PC.

Option To Download ios 5

Other than updating through iTunes, you can also download iOS 5 IPSW directly from the links below and install the firmware manually.

And this is not ending their are lots more which you can explore when you have iOS 5 in your system.Thanks to all iPhones users and all mine readers and I hope after knowing about the great software you love to Download iOS 5 and don't forget to share your experience with Technocage.

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