Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Make Individual Google Plus And Facebook Like Button On Webpage

Facebook and Google Plus  is one of the Best Social Media which is used by all over the world to chat with their friend,Update their Status Regularly,Use Groups for chat with different group,add you content ,Brighten Up Your Profile With Photos and Videos, Playing Games and more.But i guess i forget to share one more thing for which these media are used by users i.e For Promoting Article/Website and Blogs.Some Power Promoter says that these two media "Facebook and Google Plus are Best Social Media for Good SEO" ,As the same we do by submitting and Making Article Popular on Digg and same in Stumble Upon.

Lets Stop this chat here about Social Media Website as our article is totally based on "How to Make Individual Google Plus+ and Facebook Like Button for Webpage".Now you all are wondering what I'm talking about ,Don't get screwed let me clear all things to you.As we all do Promotion for Our Article and doing that for Digg , Stumble Upon , Twitter , Delicious and Reddit is easy but its not easy for Promoting and getting likes for Google Plus and Facebook likes because many promoter take your favor and not give the same in return because these button take too much time to get appear on the website and no one have time to wait for this.Now what to do in that condition,As i personally face the pain of not getting likes so i tried to search a lot to make it easy and finally mine friend taught me the way which i'm going to share with you.

Now what I'm writing is read it carefully so that you not make any mistake in following the below methods which are listed below:

1. Make Individual Google Plus Button For Webpage
2. Make Individual Facebook like Button For Webpage

Make Individual Google Plus Button For Webpage

In this procedure all we have to do is just make individual Webpage which only shows you article Google Plus button that reduce loading time and make your friend to give vote for you easily.All you have to do is just use the below script show as example

Now Above Example is just one time link but if you want to promote another article you have to make some changes like replace the URL which is shown in bold character below with URL of article which you want to promote 2nd time and so on

and you will webpage like snapshot which is shown below:

Make Individual Facebook likes Button For Webpage

The procedure for making Make Individual Facebook likes Button For Webpage is also same as discuss above for Google plus,the thing is you have some different script ,just do the same as did above and enjoy the same for Facebook likes

It will look like shown in below snapshot:

So next time you are feeling that you are not getting good response from you fellow promoter then simply follow this method of promotion for Facebook like and Google plus and check a difference as i personally get good response.So what are you waiting for guys just use this srcipts and enjoy.Don't forget to share your experience and query with Technocage

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