Friday, October 7, 2011

How To Check Who ThumbUp/Liked Discovery/Article On StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is one of the best Social Media Website which is used all over the world to get visitor to Blog/website,Basically in Stumble upon center of attraction is Photos and Snapshots but instead of that most of users Discover Article which they like.As in Digg we wait for Article to get popular in Stumble users try to get more likes to their article to get more visitor but we are not here to read on "How to get popular on Stumble,What stumble is and How to use stumble" and How to Get Article Popular  on Digg and bla bla.

Niche of this Article is totally expressing for what you visit this article i.e How to check who liked you Article on StumbleUpon.Now you think why their is need to know who liked your article,I know some user will not take it seriously but users who are SEO,SMO Promoter really want to know because they need count for every link which they Promote on any Social Media.Many of mine are confused about how to check
who like you article on stumble that make me today Post article on this theme.

To know that just follow the simple steps which I'm showing below:

1.First of All whenever you Discover Article on StumbleUpon try to Submit Article URL on SU.PR/. This will change your link to short (as shown below) which make you promotion easy.It also help you to give the complete stats of your links.

2.Now when you submit that link and make it short link ,you will get click count as shown above in snapshot ,Click on that and you will get another window like shown below

3.On the top of that page you will all all stats about your link and below of page on right side you will get all thumbnail of all users who liked your article.

And you are done this will really going to help you,So next time if you want to check who is liking your article on stumble just follow the procedure ,You might also love to check How to delete discovery on Stumble Upon and don't forget to share it with Technocage

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