Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Delicious Mobile : Mobile Version Of Delicious,For Mobile Nerds

Delicious Delicious And Delicious Every  where is Delicious Now ,I guess Owner of YouTube Knows How to make this Social Media Dish Delicious.Don't worry we are not going to discuss about sweet dishes here,Actually the thing is that Everyone in Social media is now giving Equal Importance to Delicious as they give to Flike and Google +.And all this is happening Because Delicious is changed now and day by day its getting cool updates.

As In My Previous Article i tried to give all updates which Delicious made like "Delicious Extension for Firefox 4 and Firefox 5 ",Also "Delicious Bookmarks Google Chrome Extension" and about "Official Blog of New Delicious".But now their is another news on which this whole article is based i.e "Delicious launched a Mobile Version" for their website which is really a good news for Mobile Geeks as I also Explore Digg , Twitter and other media on Mine "Samsung Galaxy Ace" Will able to Explore Delicious Now.

Accoding to Delicious Team "This is first step in mobile browsing and will add more in next coming days as process is in Beta Stage and took this step so that more and more users can Explore this website from any where"

Using Delicious Mobile you are able to login into your Delicious Account ,also able to browse your Bookmarks , Tags , Check Inbox and more.Using this you are also able to Explore Recent and popular Bookmark which is very necessary.BY using this Version of Delicious mobile you are able to :

1.Ditch your phone’s bookmarks

You are able to updated ,organized, and synchronized using Delicious Mobile.

2.Tag-stalk on the go

No distance barrier you can get every update and every news which you friend is saving on delicious using Delicious mobile.

3.Break the tedium

Now you are able to browse the tastiest bookmarks on the Web next time you’re standing in line to buy Duke Nukem Forever or Battlefield 3..LOl

So what are you waiting for folks just visit http://m.delicious.com/ and enjoy your delicious mobile and don't forget to share experience with Technocage

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