Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BlueStacks Android App Player Review,Features And Installation

Here is a great news for all Android user that alpha version of BlueStacks Android App Player has been released and it is now possible to run android apps on any Window7 PC. I think this will be the Best Feature of Android Phones (Samsung Galaxy Ace , Galaxy Fit , Galaxy Gio , Galaxy Mini) but not to worry about that this App is limited for above mentioned Phones, it can be used in any Android Phones and I hope that all Android users love to use and Download this Great App.

What is BlueStacks Android App Player?

BlueStacks Android Apps Player is a Player provided with a Great Features like it plays Android Apps Faster and on Fullscreen of your PC, it pushes your Favorite Apps from your Phone to PC and it installs up to 26 more of your Favorite Apps. In our previous article I have told about an another Android App CyanogenMod7.1 .

Let we have look @  some cool Feature of BlueStacks Android App Player So all mine Readers come to know about the New Application:

1.Play Android Apps

The First need of every user is speed and it plays the Android App Faster and on Full screen of your PC.

2.BlueStacks Cloud Connect

BlueStacks Cloud Connect is a great Feature of an Android App Player which pushes your favorite apps from your Android phone to your PC.

3.Run Pre-loaded Apps

This is an Another Great feature that it runs 10 Pre-loaded Apps "Out Of The Box".

4.Installing Apps

BlueStacks Android Apps Player Installs up to 26 of your Favorite Apps.

If you are wondering to Install this Application in you Device you might love to read Installation Process of BlueStacks Android Apps Player:

It is a simple process to Install BlueStacks Player. After Installation the first thing you come to notice is Bluestacks Windows Gadget installed on your desktop, this is the one and only way to run Android Apps so leave it there on your desktop and whenever you will click on that icon the window will open with a few Android Apps and games which will run by just clicking on them once. The Android Apps will run only in Full Screen.

Thanks to all Android users an to all mine readers and I know you all want to Download BlueStacks Android Apps Player.

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