Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review Of Facebook New Subscribe Button

Facebook one of the social media giant which is users all over the world is busy in adding new feature into their website to show the dominate themselves in race of social media,As Google plus is giving great fight sidewise by providing great interface and online gaming as like Facebook had give some drop of sweat on the forehead of mark zuckerberg.Day by day we are getting news about new feature on Facebook like Improved Friend Lists,Bigger, Faster Photos,Making It Easier to Share With Who You Want,Making Games Better and more

But today their is another announcement made by Facebook i.e Facebook giving you "Subscribe Button to profiles" which is totally different and make me feel to share review of that feature with you.

In few days you all people will be able to see new "Subscribe" option on other users' profiles which can be use it for following purpose:

  1. Noe you have choice to Choose what you want to see from people in News Feed
  2. You can also get news and update or hear from those people, who are not even your friend.
  3. Now you can make people hear from you, even if you're not friends

Choose What You See in News Feed

Since you are already getting feeds from the users but now you can select @ which level you want to get update from the users like:

  • All updates: Everything your friend posts 
  • Most updates: The amount you'd normally see 
  • Important updates only: Just highlights, like a new job or move

Now that is the feature which is really like by me and another thing is "Subscribe to interesting people"

The Subscribe button also lets you hear from interesting people you're not friends with—like journalists, artists and political figures.

Get your Own Subscriber

And if you like to share your public updates with more than just friends, you can get a Subscribe button on your profile, too. People who subscribe to you will get posts you set as "Public" in their News Feeds.

Now this feature is going to be really cool its full points from my side to this feature by Facebook lets see what you think about tell don't forget to share with Technocage

Source and Credits :Facebook Blog 

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