Friday, September 23, 2011

Preview Microsoft Social/Design Project "Tulalip"

Facebook ,Google Plus What Next...Wanna guess ok leave will tell you,Software giant "Microsoft" is working on a social/design project called Tulalip,Its not a prediction by Technocage basically that happen accidently .But according to me its not accident its all gamble play bye Microsofts to create curiosity among the users who love to be part of Social media.And Now question raised in mind that Are You ready for Next Social Media after Facebook and Google plus.

Basically day by day we reading to much rumors about this Social media called Tulalips,And that make me write an article about this on Technocage,As their are many website where you can find news about Tulalip like Mashable,venturebeat and more but i don't want to make mine reader feel bad by not writing about this Hottest keyword.So without wasting no second let we read about on which this article is posted.

What is Tulalips?

Tulalip is Microsoft social/design project which is presently under development mode,its not officially announced by official but all proved according to details from a splash page that was accidentally published to

"“Thanks for stopping by. is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which was mistakenly published to the web. We didn’t mean to, honest,” the message states."

Now i think nobody need any announcement about this hidden project its all clear.

Some Feature of Tulalip According to Splash Page

1.Tulalip Is Social media Website like Facebook and Google Plus.
2.It will help users to find what you need and what you want to share with your friends.
3.Help to know everything easier than ever.
4.Get a real experience of chit chat like siting face to face.

Aim of Tulalip

Tulalip is the company product which is owned by bilgates and they want to compete in a social media world after showing complete dominance in field of Operating system and Software and want to stand in front of Facebook and Google + which already dominating social media from long time, that is in a continuous growing.

How to Connect with Tulalip

Since every social media provide it register and login option but here is another to more option like Facebook and Twitter which you can use to login on this social media According to the page that show accidenlty few day back.

Since till we have only this information about this social media and Technocage will still update about any new information about this media ASAP we get,Lets see Is Microsoft's going to get response like they got for Review of Window 8

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