Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 Best iPhone Facebook Apps to stay connected with your Facebook Mate

Facebook, the No.1 Social Networking site in the world with over 600 Million active users and on the other hand iPhone is yet another revolutionary Gadget that have sweeped away the usage of normal Mobiles and provided the perfect path for SmartPhone in the industry. After evolution of Facebook, the leading Social Networking sites like Orkut, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc., lost their prominence and when it comes to iPhone the Nokia, Blackberry, and Motorola lost their entire market in the mobile industry. Both these are having close relevance as these 2 have changed the direction of world in their prescribed fields. iPhone is loaded with great deal of apps like iPhone Apps for Travelling, iPhone apps for business, and also there are many other best free iPhone apps available In the market currently.

With just weeks remaining for the roll out of iPhone 5, many stores are getting ready to sell away the previous version pieces of iPhone. In the process to that Vodafone announced few plans as vodafone iPhone 4 which are really exciting and are merely attracting the iPhone lovers for buying. I was one of the people who are willing to buy iPhone 4 regardless with its faults like antenna etc.
In his post we are going to check about 2 best iPhone Facebook apps that helps you to stay connected with all your Facebook friends always.

#1. Official Facebook App

This is one of the gift for all iPhone lovers having official facebook app in their iPhone helps them to connect with their friends and this app is loaded with almost all features that you can perform with normal Facebook on your PC like Liking the post, uploading pics, sharing, adding friends, reading messages etc. It’s one of my favorite app and it’s the best facebook app ever for everybody.

#2. IM+ Pro

It is yet other best iPhone apps for Facebook as well as other Social Networking sites like Skype, Gmail, Yahoo, Myspace, Twitter and many more which certainly helps you to connect with your friends on all social networking sites without any gap. It is the award winning iPhone Social Networking app that which is available at reasonable cost of $9.99

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