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Techinline - Best and Affordable Remote Support Software

Remote Desktop Softwares are most essential tools that which help the Support staff of the organizations to rectify the troubleshooting issues without migrating to the clients place. It enables the support team to log-into the client’s system from their workstation and analyse the reasons for troubleshooting problem which ultimately saves huge deal of time for both. Most of the small, medium and large scale organizations always tend to provide 24x7 support for their clients and they are in desperate need of the efficient Remote Desktop Software.  Few of the small and medium scale organizations even consider the cheaper and better option that suits their budget. For those, Techinline is one of the best options which provide almost all sorts of services that a Normal Remote Desktop Software provides at cheaper price.
Techinline is one of the most effective Remote Desktop software with which you can access your any computer from almost any part of the world from your host system. Although there are many competitive remote desktop softwares like TeamViewer, Go to my PC etc., this is the best suggested software for small and middle class organizations.
All you need is a browser and an internet connection. If you have a client who is based in Singapore and you are in Australia, You can directly connect to your Client’s computer and resolve the issue as if the computer is located on the same desk. You can connect to your Clients computer by installing an addon to your browser. It’s just like zip zap go!
How to get Started?
If you are a Support Provider:

#1. Install Techinline browser Addon on your and on clients computer
#2. If you are a support provider you need to login to the Techinline Expert Console.
Support Provider console will look like this:

#3.Enter the 6-digit Client ID correctly in the Client ID field and click on Connect.

Client’s End:
#1. First of all you need to install Browser Addon.
#2. Go to this URL.
#3. Email / message your Support provider your 6 digit CLIENT IT. You can send your 6 digit client id easily by clicking on Send Client ID by Email.
#4. Authorize the session.

Your screen would look something like this.

Other Features of Techinline:
-          You’ll be able to control any desktop remotely (anywhere from the world).
-          You can also Transfer files/clipboard between the local computers and client’s PC (remote computer).
-          It is also capable of rebooting the remote system as well as you can reconnect with it.
-          You can also send and receive text chat messages with your client for most efficient approach to the problem.
-          Facility to Drag and Drop files between the connected computers.
-          Multi monitor Support which is one of the exciting features that you must now miss.
-          Firewall / Proxy Transparency.
With all the above features, you might now get a clear idea that, Techinline would be a better and powerful alternative of TeamViewer.

This is a Guest Post by SiddarthaThota who writes for GadgetCage and PcCage. He mainly likes writing about Best Free iPhone Apps as well as Best free iPad Apps that your iDevices must have.

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Sean said...

I'm a permanent traveler:)However I have to work remotely and remote desktop saves me a lot in that situation.Like you can be confident that you will access to all the files and apps that you hold on your personal computer.I use Techinline after many other experiments. Thanks to them!

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