Sunday, August 14, 2011

How To Get Invitation For Google Plus

Google Plus is cool and awesome social media project which is started by one of the hottest search engine called "Google". Its something like Facebook where you can chat with your friends ,upload photos,play games and whatever you to on Facebook same you can do on Google plus as this website is under modification mode but by day Google plus technical team is introducing different feature of website which creating lots of curiosity in mind of users,Same like software giant Microsoft create for window 8 and its working good.

As I'm trying to explorer Google plus as much i can so to know about all he feature of Google plus,so that i become pro in this social media and recommend to all you to do the same so that we can be able to use Google plus as we do with Facebook. But the problem which i checked with this social media is ,no can be part of Google + just with registration.Due to which many users who want to be part of this social are not be able to do that,so i decided to give the way out so that like me other can also be part of this beautiful social media.

The reason behind that no user can be part of this social is that ,As Google Plus is under modification and they just make some of users part of this social media to check their to be part of this social media you have to get invitation from the Google + plus .

SO i decided to write this article to tell you the way so that all users can be part of social all you have to do is follow simple and easy step which are discussed below:

1.First of all make you G-mail account and edit your profile and also do you verification of your G-mail account.
2.After that just click on the red arrow showing below

3.After doing that you will get a form all you have to do is just do the registration as shown in below image:

4.And you are done

After doing that if you want to know How to play games on Google + then you can read this article Google Plus Games
So now you can also be part of this social media ,so enjoy surfing on Google+ and don't forget to share you experience with Technocage.

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Phil Grahm Salt said...

Wow! nice post, I've tried what you've said and it works. I've recently signed in to Google Plus just be following the steps you've provided above. As you've said, Google Plus is under modification and I believe Google Plus will have a great implication in SEO and online marketing.

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