Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get Dedicated Server Hosting With ServerClub

Are you looking for a best dedicated server hosting provider then ServerClub is one of the best option which you can choose.

ServerClub is one of the best fast,sufficient and dedicated server hosting provider for your business IT-part which fulfill your requirement with best price option.ServerClub is different from others because here you can choose plan according to your requirement which are cheaper and reasonable as compare to other providers on web.

ServerClub is best dedicated server hosting provider which give quick access to you all new dell servers with unlimited bandwidth all you can get in just 3 min after you select the perfect plan for you .You can you take services from ServerClub with any hesitation and fair ,As security of your website/blog/bossiness is hosted by one of the best and fastest server of the universe.

Let we discuss some of the best feature of SeverClub which make it different from other server provider are discussed below:

1.A wide range of customer installation and bandwidth payment options.
2.Quality software and hardware support 24/7, 365 days a year.
3.A possibility of separated limited access to the control panel for technical personnel (coming soon).
4.ServerClub also provide Free reboot panels for your servers.
5.Also this dedicated server hosting service is supported by latest advance Cisco system industrial Xeon processors, hardware raid arrays, buffered server memory and more.

ServerClub provides you the best server service which completely satisfied your need and requirement .SO why don't you have look at some of the best models which they provides are shown below:

1.Dell R210
2.Dell R210 SAS
3.Dell R410
4.Dell R510 SATA
5.Dell R510 SAS
6.Dell R610

ServerClub provide you best and fixed 3 traffic and billing plans which are shown below:

1.Unlimited traffic plan

This plan remove your all remove all boundary related to server you no need to worry about ,how many GBytes or Mbits your web server utilizes

2.Limited volume traffic

Under this plan you are able to calculate how much numbers of byte is transfer to and from your server in which 1 Byte equal to 1024*1024*1024 bytes .Now this plan give you the advantage to pay what you use.

3.95th percentile (burstable)

Under this plan you can measure bandwidth on the basis of peak utilization which means you have to pay for Mbit per sec in plan.We will sample your bandwidth every 5 minutes during a calendar month. The highest 5% of samples will then be ignored.That's why this method is also called "burstable,"

After reading all these about ServerClub you can make simple conclusion that this is best platform for getting dedicated hosting and affordable just give a try to this best dedicated server hosting provider.

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gohost said...

Severclub services is excellent. After choosing your plan your domain activated with in few seconds. If your have any queries in your hosting area means solve your problem with in few minutes.excellent technical team having for server hosting

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Jackson said...

Dedicated server with is a nice service.I want to but that dedicated server for super access.

Sam Smith said...

Dedicated Server Hosting was so important for my company website. It really helped me turn things around.

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