Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Microsoft To Launch Internet Explorer 9 On March 24,With 20 New Features

As we are waited for a long time for release date of Internet Explorer 9 and finally the date is fix for that ,Microsoft’s team twitter confirm that company plans to launch Internet Explorer 9 final on March 24.As tweet is removed just in few seconds but One of the best website winrumors took a snapshot of that tweet.So users who are waiting for Internet explorer 9 can wait for 24 March to get copy.

Lets we cut this story of release day of Internet Explorer here and start speaking about its features shown below:

1.Before IE9 Installation

2.IE9,Clean Browser

3.Missing Status bar, Command bar and Favorite Bar?

4.Reduced Menu

5.Browsing History

6.Firefox like Back and Forwards Button

7.Caret Browing

8.Check your website threats

9.Ignore colors, font style and font sizes specified on website

10.Other website with user CSS

11.Bottom Notifications

12.Save and Run Downloaded File

13.New downloads Window

14.Opened Site Status

15.Reopen Closed Tabs

16.Website to Excel

17.On/Off Site Suggestion

18.Cut, Copy and paste

19.Site in Start Menu

20.Edit Webpage in MS Word

I think after reading all these feature all users are curious to get this version ,but you have to wait till 24 march ,but one bad news is for those users who are using window xp because it will not work on it

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This is the most comprehensive look at IE9's new features I've seen on the web

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