Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vodafone launched Webbox, Provide You Internet Access

Technology is changing day by day and new invention are made by different organization to become king in the field of gadget.But there are many parts of the globe still waiting for utilities we take for granted -- like electricity, running water, and access to the internet And Buy wondering about need of internet access vodafone launched its new product called Webbox, which will help you to bring the internet to anyone with a TV and access to 2.5G or EDGE networks.

Webbox is generally a qwerty Keyboard.Let we have some of the feature of the Webbox by vodafone below:

1.Webbox have data hardware from a phone stuffed inside -- that connects to a TV 
2.It's dead simple to set up, as you simply plug in the RCA's and switch on the device .
3.It is fitted with Opera Mini browser which allows users to start surfing the world wide web.
4.It also have an app store with some games, 
5.Webbox have text editor which provide facility to send email and SMS messages . 6.Vodafone is selling the device -- which comes with a 2GB SD card and 100MB of data which cost about $102, 

You can also have a look at video which show a cool review of Webbox by Vodafone shown below

Source And Credits:Engadget

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