Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pocket Parrot App For Nokia Mobile To Translate Many Languages

Pocket Parrot is a mobile utility for Nokia advanced touchscreen devices that translates words and phrases between any of 28 languages. This app can also speak its translations out loud, using the Nokia device’s speakers or attached headphones, in any of seven European languages.

Pocket Parrot, is mainly Dallas-based Touch Titans, lets you select both the language you’re translating from as well as the one you’re translating to. That means you can use it in several ways.

Some of the cool feature of the Pocket parrot are shown below:

1.you can use Pocket Parrot to translate words and phrases from your native language into another language.
2.Pocket Parrot lets you enter words or phrases from a language you don’t know, then translate them into your native language.
3.Pocket Parrot can be used as a foreign-language study and pronunciation guide.

Let we discuss how Pocket parrot works show below

1.At launch, Pocket Parrot presents you with a main page.You have to notice five thing,the ‘Translate from’ button, the ‘To’ button, the ‘Translate’ button, and the two text fields.

2.To start a translation, you first select the language you are translating from, then the language you are translating to by using up down arrows.

3.Now type in the text you would like translated. Simply tap the upper text field – that’s the large white area above the central parrot icon.And after that Then type in the word or words to be translated and then tap the green check mark.

4.Back on the main page, tap the Translate button at the bottom of the screen. Your translation will appear in the bottom text field. Here, you can see a quick translation of the English phrase ‘good morning’ into German and you are done!!!!

You can also watch video related to the review of the Pocket parrot shown below:

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