Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nokia Poll results: Best apps and product Of 2010

Before the end of the new year Nokia ovi has started a quiz which is about the best product and apps of the Nokia mobile in 2010It’s now time to close the polls, count the votes and watch the results which mobile and app are best and most liked in 2010?

Let’s find out about the Best product

As we all know that at top spot, is our favourite the Nokia N8, whose percent is about very awesome you can say that nokia N8 has clean sweep over .But it deserve it because it have great feature and apps like 12-megapixel camera, the choice of three homescreens or the aluminium case?

And at second spot user has choose Nokia E7 as the best product from last year with 12 percent. which is not sad to be as bad position, for a phone that hasn’t even been released yet.

And after talking about Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 , Nokia C7 is in thirsd place with Over six per cent due to glossy finish of the stainless steel and the glass-covered front.Their are also another mobile which are like by which people are shown below in snapshot.

Let’s find out about the Best Apps

Here Angry Birds is on # 1 position with nearly a third of the votes with 31 per cent. And this prove that firing small chirping creatures at is like by all the user and makes great entertainment and i think no one is disagree with this.

After that comes Nokia Panorama took the second place with near about 13 per cent of users like that creating amazing panoramics with their phones. And it feel good when people being creative when trying to capture something when out-and-about.

And in third position is steel by Gravity wins third place with 12 and a half per cent. As we all know that this app is £8 app’s instead of it ,it is in greater demand and still going strong, and it prove that always user don't like those app which are free.And rest of the apps are shown below in snapshot

So from these result it is shown the In products Nokia N8 is rocking and in the field of Apps Angry birds chirping is steeling hearts of people ,so these are the results from Nokia Polls if you are surprised and you think these are not write of want to make change it in drop your response in comments

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