Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Install Windows 7 from a USB Drive

Window 7 is the one of the best OS system which is used by the people all over the world and with greater popularity of this OS system every one want to install window 7 in their PC normally everyone know that how to install window 7 using DvD but one of the hottest question which i saw in many forums is "How to Install Windows 7 from a USB Drive" .i will give you the step to step tutorial to install Windows 7 from a USB Drive.

By using this method you can save lots of your valuable time as to Installs from a flash drive tend to take about 75% of the time it takes with a DVD.It will took 20 minutes instead of 30 minute which is took by DVD .

Here we start a process to install Windows 7 from a USB Drive just follow simple steps show below:

1. First of all you have USB Drive,which must be at least 4 GB.

2.Plug the drive into your PC.

3.After that open a command prompt as administrator. (Right click, Open as Admin, or Ctrl+Shift+Click)

4.Get the drive number by typing:

Diskpart => List disk => In my PC USB disk was number 1.

5.After doing just Format the drive by typing:

Select disk1 => clean => Create partition primary => Select partition 1 => Active => Format fs = NTFS => assign => Exit

6.After that mount the Windows 7 beta iso or insert the disk.

7. After then navigate to the boot directory
cd E:\boot (Where E is the drive letter of the DVD)

8. Using bootsect, we’ll make the USB drive a bootable NTFS drive, ready for a Windows 7 image:
bootsect /nt60 F: (Where F is the drive letter of the USB Drive)

9. when all this is done close the command prompt

10. Copy the installation files from the mounted Windows 7 iso/disk to the USB drive.

11. Reboot the PC, and enter the BIOS (OR you can move to the boot manager menu, usually by pressing F10 if supported)

12. Set the boot priority to boot the USB drive first.

13. Install Windows 7.

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