Friday, January 28, 2011

How To Create And Manage iOS Email Distribution Lists

In this article I will tell you About How to Create and Manage iOS Email Distribution Lists.As we all know that iOS doesn't support email distribution list,Some time we wonder of sending mail to all of friend just in one time.So No worries about !!

The cheapest and most direct way to create a distribution list in iOS it to add a new contact and paste several comma delimited email addresses into just a single email field for the contact.As it didn't have much typing,so its much easier to create and maintain on a Mac,

If you want create and manage iOS Email distribution list you can follow simple and easy step below to make that thing happen:

1. Create a new e-mail and manually add all recipients in the To: field. This is easier than typing in the addresses in full, since they should already be in your address book and will auto-complete.
2.Select all of the e-mail addresses and copy them into a plain text editor.
3.Delete all of the “Full Names” and , leaving just the simple addresses, separated by commas (no spaces).
4.Copy the entire list as a single line of text.
5.Create a new contact and paste the entire list into one e-mail address entry for this new contact.
Save the new contact. That contact is now effectively a distribution list.


Note:If you performed the above steps on your Mac, be sure to sync using MobileMe (if you’re a subscriber), Google or iTunes to get the new contact on each of your iOS devices.

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