Friday, January 28, 2011

Genieo Now available for Mac Download For Free

Genieo is now available for the Mac which is very cool news for all the users with a unique approach to managing information overload. As we all know that all people are interested in reading cool and prefer,So developer want to provide topics interested in a service that learns your preferred topics, and also the news from trusted sources which is provided by Genieo

Let we have look at some of the feature of the Genieo which make it cool shown below:

1.Get your Personal Magazine
2.You will get top news headlines directly on your homepage
3.You will get information only you want
4.Get the Auto bookmark management
5.Get like updates ,Click and Share facility
6.You can also highlights from your Facebook and Twitter contacts
7.You can also set birthday reminder and many more

Now Main thing is that How to download Geneio don't to worry about it steps are shown below:

1.First of all Visit and click the download button
2.After that install the extension. A couple of options let you set Genieo as your homepage and Google (by Genieo) as your default search
3.You can also opt to connect Genieo to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
4.Now your customized homepage will appear in your browser and you're done!!

So enjoy Genieo in your Mac and don't forget to share your experience!!

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