Monday, January 3, 2011

Download SMSTimer on Your Nokia Mobile For Sending Schedule Text Messages

Some time it happen that you have to send message to your friend wishing him happy birthday and for wishing him best of luck for his exam but you are not able to do that thing due to some problem or you have to leave to leave for somewhere and you are in fear that you will forget to wish you dear one for wishing him or her birthday .What you will do you just add reminder for that day to remind about the occasion but you can make that thing more easily .Now you are curious to know that how this happen then don't to worry i will thought you.

You can use SMSTimer which is very handy little solution to this problem.SMS Timer is the app launch by Ovi store for the Nokia mobile user's and symbians.SMSTimer is a text message scheduling application for your Nokia. The best feature of this application is that it integrates right into the ‘Messaging’ options on your phone. Let us get to the details of the application.

1. first of all you have to Download and install SMSTimer in you mobile phone.

2.After when you install the application on your device, don't forget to check that whether ‘SMSTimer’ functionality is enabled or not you can enable it by selecting: Menu > Applications > SMS Timer > Options > Status > Enable. 

3.Now you have to start your message scheduling,and to make that thing happen just go to Menu > Messaging > New Message. Draft a text message and hit the send button. Now, the ‘SMSTimer’ application takes control. You are provided with two options – ‘Schedule’ and ‘Send Now’. 

4.When you select the ‘Schedule’ option, you get the screen, where you can enter the date and time to send the text message.

5.And after you select you time setting just hit the ‘Save’ button, your message is stored in the ‘SMSTimer’ pending message queue as shown below.

6.And it will remain shown pending until the set date and time come ,when the time come with help of application it will automatically send to your user and you are done.
Note: After re-scheduling a message, you will have to click the ‘Refresh’ button to see the updated message in the ‘SMSTimer’ pending messages queue.

SMSTimer is available for $4.99 (USD) in the Ovi Store.
Source:Nokia Blog
Till we don't have this time of app for our mobile phone I'm happy that Ovi store make that thing happen,so what are you waiting for guys just go to ovi store and download it and enjoy and don't forget to share your experience with me

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