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How To Share your location and pictures with your Nokia Mobile

I'm feeling glad talking to you about new app by Nokia Ovi store ,don't be so curious I'm just talking about app with help of which you can share your picture and your location with ovi by using your Nokia mobile which is very awesome thing to do.

As we all know that festival season is on head and every one is planing so hard to doing special for them and their special one,some are thinking of parties some are going for outing to enjoy and many more but you can also make all your desire special by using this app about which we are discussing about.Why don't you take pictures of these special event and sharing them with family and friends. Even with those friends who are not near you, and some friend who are not joining you in your event.

What you have to do is just took your mobile phone say Nokia N8 and feel the real experience of social networking by using this you can share pictures from anywhere on the phone and updating my status with location and I'm really saying its going awesome.Let we discuss about the feature how they work are discuss below:

How to Share pictures from the Camera?

One of the best way to share a picture with your friend within the Camera application itself you have to follow below steps:

1.First of all Start by clicking on the Camera icon
2.After that take the picture by tapping on the camera icon
3.Then upload to the social network of choice directly from the camera app

How to share Pictures from the Social client?

You can also share picture from your Social client and to make that thing happen just follow simple steps:

1.First of all start within the Social client
2.And then click on the camera icon
3.Then select from the option on whether to share a picture from the Camera or Gallery
4.Then you are able to choose to tag the picture if you wish
5.And finally Upload to your social network

And at end How to Sharing Status with Location?

By using this you can easily share you status and location and to make that thing happen just follow simple step shown below:

1.First of all Start off from within the social application
2.Then Tap on Facebook
3.After Tap on What’s on your mind? just put that their
4.And then Enter your status update
5.After then tap on Add my location
6.And then select the location you are at
7.Tap on Share and you're done

Source:Nokia Blog 
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So enjoy capturing picture capturing and share share it with your friend with your location and let me know about you experience.


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