Monday, December 13, 2010

How To Lock Up Your Nokia Smart Phone

Its feel good when you bought a new smart phone but it doesn't means you’re not just making phone calls from your Nokia device ,you are also using these smart for different purposes like tweeting, emailing, face-booking, shopping and blogging due to these activities your smart phone is not safe your mobile device, or having it stolen,you can say its just like losing your laptop or your wallet somewhere.

But to make your smart phone safe and from to learn about the first line of defense against unauthorized users i decided to write this post to teach you to Set up a lock code.just read carefully and follow simple steps below:

1.For Setting up a lock code just go into Settings and after that  Phone and then Phone management.

2.After then , choose the Security settings option and Phone and SIM card under that. Everything you need is on this screen. 

3.The setting you have to change is Lock code as shown in above snapshot.When you tap on this to change it, you can input a numeric code into the screen that follows and you are done!!!

Note:Try to choose a short code that you’ll easily remember to you just like 1234

By doing this you can lock your phone and save your smart phone from unauthorized access .

And if you are not able to remind the code then their is no other way for your smart phone it will surely go for servicing.

Mainly thieves do is they try for swapping out your SIM card for a pre-pay one.And if can be done by changing Lock if SIM card changed’ setting to ‘yes’....Now what you have to do is shown below

You have to do is just open your Remote phone locking feature by using this feature you can lock your phone by sending it a text message you define on the following screen from another device .This is one of the best feature in new Symbian devices and only available on Eseries devices or you can use it by third-party software.

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