Friday, December 17, 2010

Google Maps 5.0 for Android with 3D interaction and offline reliability.

Today I'm feeling very glad to share you that Google has announced Google Maps 5.0 for Android, with two significant new features consist of 3D interaction and offline reliability.As we all know that from the time Google created they have launched lots of features for more then 100 million users and keep on going and now they have launched 3D interaction and offline reliability for android which is very awesome news.

Lets we discuss little a bit about 3D interaction and Offline reliability

3D Interactions

It is very good app under which you can explore your maps in 3d which is not possible before in Andriods but now it is possible.Google Maps has always downloaded the map as a set of small, square images that we stitch together to form the map you see.But now Technology is changed and now vector technology is used to get 3D maps.Under this you will found some feature which are shown below:

Tilting: In this more you can drag down with two fingers to tilt the map.Tilt while zoomed in on one of the 100+ cities around the world with 3D buildings to see a skyline spring to life.

Rotating: Under this mode you can twist with two fingers to rotate the map. After tilting to see 3D buildings, rotate around them to gain a new perspective from any direction.

Smooth zooming:Under this feature you can Slide two fingers together or apart, and see the map and labels continuously scale to any zoom level, stopping when your fingers stop.

Compass mode:Under this mode you can Center the map on your location, and then tap the compass button in the top right corner. The map will flip into 3D mode and start rotating to match your perspective, while still keeping all the labels upright and readable.

Offline reliability

Offline reliability is a app under you can find your way even if you lose your connection.As you all know that Google Maps has always been, and continues to be, a fundamentally Internet-connected due to which you get fresh map and place data, search and voice search, live traffic conditions, satellite and Street View imagery, and much more.Offline reliability help you in this condition .

So i know after reading all this you will wonder to Get Google Maps for mobile 5.0 you can get it by by searching for Google Maps in Android Market or you can get this by going here if your are on mobile.

Note:Android 1.6+ devices can get Maps 5.0, but 3D and offline features require Android 2.0+, and some features may not be supported for all devices or countries.

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