Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Best Supported features Of Nokia PC Suite

Some time we are very busy doing work on PC and we don’t have any time to hear about other work in that condition how would you going to attend the call from your friend on your mobile,and how you going to give reply to your friend message and other activities related to mobile phone.As we know those people who have their blog and website they are very concentrated toward their work and they don’t like to attend other activities while doing their work .So decided to write this post for those geeks .

So join me and i will show you how to attend all call and reply your message of your mobile  and some other features like Installing apps and updating software etc etc  just by using your PC Suite .

Note:This post is mainly for Nokia Mobile Phone and the phone which have facility of GPRS ,PC Suite and Data Cable

1.First of all the main need to make this happen is Nokia Mobile Phone (As i have Nokia 5130 so I’m showing according to that)

2.If you have Nokia Mobile Phone then Download PC suite compatible with Your Mobile(If you Have then good other wise you can Download it)

3.When you Download it just install it in your PC and after that you will get PC suite as given below in Snapshot

4. How To Call:Now if you want to make make call Just go to contacts and and click on the name of the person you want call then right click on it and you will get the option of call.so you can make call from here you can also receive .

5.How To Message:Now if you want to send a message click on the message option and select the name of the person and write message to that person and send it you can also see all the message in the inbox

Some of the other features which you can operate with your PC are as follow:
  • You can backup your data 
  • You can synchronize you phone from here
  • You can connect your phone to internet
  • You can save your contact here for back up
  • You can add apps using file manager
  • Transfer videos into your phone
  • You can operate ovi.com from here
  • And important thing you can update your Nokia mobile softwere
So all these feature you can operate just by using your Nokia PC suite

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