Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best Ovi Browser To Nokia Series Mobile for Rich Web Browsing

Browsing of mobile is very cool and awesome feature and it really sounds cool.And Browsing the web on a your mobile phone can be a time-consuming.But the web browsing feature in the mobile is provided to navigate web quickly,faster and easily.And as we all know that their are different type of browser for mobile which are used by user to operate web through your mobile.

And I'm feeling very honored to announce you about ovi browser is that which Brings Rich Web Browsing to Nokia Series 40 Phones and my experience with this browser is also i decided to discuss about this browser with you so that you can also use this browser.You can use this browser on your mobile by following simple steps;

1.First of all go to Menu and after that then Apps and go to Collection then you will get Ovi Browser

2.After that launch the Ovi Browser, the ‘Start Page’ will welcomes you with the address bar the integrated search box and the browser tab area.

3.The browser tab are divided in three categories – ‘History’, ‘Featured’ and ‘Favorites’. And these tabs provides you with a starting point for your web browsing experience.

Note:Feature already consist of consists of links to the most recently visited websites like Facebook, Yahoo!, ESPN, and Twitter which help you to decrease the time losses.

4.And to type long link you can just do some simple steps you don't have to worry about typing just fill the domain of the website and all this is auto filled which also make the browsing faster.

Note:And you can also add some of the regularly used website to your favorite which help you to directly open the webiste.

5.For checking the history you can easliy go to history tab and you can also check your recent history .

6.You can also set your default search engine like yahoo,Google and bing also which directly open your search engine on your frontpage.

7.You can use original layout (PC) mode and Column View Mode. or you can toggle between these modes by selecting Options > Tools > Column View ON/OFF for each web-page. You can also use column browsing to single column format to reduce the amount of horizontal scrolling.

8.And one of the most important feature of this browser is rich browsing experience at a faster speed and a lower data cost.

So after reading all these I personally can say that ovi browser is awesome and which make your browser easily So download Ovi Browser from for free.And also share yo experience

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