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35 Best Websites To Send Free Text SMS

Sms is one of the best service and feature which we have in our mobile phone with the help of which you can send your message in a written way.And their are also different type of the website which also provide free service to send message on mobile freely .So i decided to find some best website to send message and put all of them under same hood to make it easier to all of you .

1. JAXTR :It allows us to send free SMS worldwide. The service is fast & message recipients can reply to your text message using their own cell phones or through a web link that’s included in the SMS message. The character limit is 65 words. 

2. ATROCHATRO: This one is the easiest way to send an SMS, but it has a limit of only 2 SMS per IP address per day. It allows full length (160 characters) messages to anyone in India and the best of all no prior registration is required.

3.GIZMOSMS: Gizmo SMS is an web-based SMS service which allows users to send SMS to mobile phones in more than 65 countries on over 215 mobile networks from any web browser for free. It supports up to 80 characters.

Through 160by2 service, you can send upto 10 messages to a person in a day. It also has a limit of sending only 50 SMS overall in a day. It allows messages upto 80 characters.

5.INDYAROCKS: It is an online and mobile based social networking site for connecting Indians across the globe. It has ability to send unlimited messages to registered or non-registered members. You can send up to 90 characters per SMS.

It’s a highly sophisticated way of sending SMS. It supports almost all the mobile subscribers, but before you can send an SMS to a mobile number you need to register your mobile number and obtain a verification code.

7.YOUMINT: You Mint is a free SMS service through which we can send SMS in India. We get paid for receiving promotional SMS, also get paid to invite other friends, the more number of friends you have in your network, the more free sms you can send. It supports up to 160 characters.

8.TEXT4FREE: we can send free text messages from this website to almost anywhere in the world. Text 4 Free is an absolutely free sms messaging service. We can send 140 characters in one SMS.

9.BIZHAT.COM: allows us to Send Free SMS to Indian mobile phones. It supports 140 characters per SMS. We can send SMS only to the first 4 prefix numbers in the dropdown allowed in the site.

10.SPICESMS: SpiceSMS offers free unlimited SMS to mobile phones in India we receive sms replies to our own mobile/cell phone. We don’t need to register in order to send free text messages to India. Message length is 160 characters.

11.KRIFY SMS:We Send Free and Instant Short Messages to the Cell phones in India from anywhere in the world. It provides a web based interface by which one can send free sms to India, for all the supported mobile networks, absolutely free of cost. Message length is 100 characters.

12.HAI91.COM: We can send free SMS to any mobile across India. we can also schedule SMS, save contacts, view sent sms and much more. We have to register in order to use the service. Message length is 130 characters.

13.IBIBO: Ibibo is a social networking site for showcasing talent, but if you register you can send free sms to anyone in India. You must link your mobile to your ibibo account. Can also send free text messages to groups. Message length is 90 characters.

14.REMINDERPLANET:It is a sms reminder service, once you register and verify your mobile phone number, you can send free text messages to Indian mobile phones. You can send the same message to multiple numbers. Message length is 80 characters. provide free sms services to India, no registration required and supports up to 95 characters. Provide your number and the phone number that you want to send the free sms.

We can Send free text messages to India from any country in the world. We have to register to send free texts, but we can try the free sms service before registering. Message length is 100 characters.

17.SENDSMSNOW: Send-sms-now is a worldwide SMS Messaging service to Mobile. It allows up to 120 characters. we do not have to register to send free SMS but if you register you will get access to many useful options like: phonebook, history of sent messages etc. The list of supported countries and operators is changing constantly.

18.SENDAFREESMS: SendaFreeSMS is Spam Free Text Messaging service provider apart from various features. It allows sending SMS for USA and Canada. Size limit is 100 characters.

19.PIKAMO: Pikamo allows you to send free messages online. Pikamo messages arrive with your Pikamo ID. When your recipients reply to you message Pikamo forwards it to you.

20.TXTDROP: TxtDrop is a free web based text messaging that enables users in the United States and Canada to send text messages with instant delivery.

21.SEASMS: We can send free sms worldwide at SeaSMS, registration not required. SeaSMS offers unlimited quota for its users and supports up to 450 characters.

22.TELEWORDSMS: Teleword offers a free SMS delivery Worldwide. The offer is currently limited to 3 SMS per account and day and supports 100 characters per SMS.

23.WADJAFREESMS: It’s a Mobile internet site lets you send free sms worldwide once you register and upload a photo. Advertisements are automatically placed at the bottom of all messages sent, and site is ad-supported too. Message length is 92 characters.

24.SMSIX.NET: Send a message to all mobile phones worldwide for free. No registration required. Send a free SMS text from your computer to any mobiles. Message length is 135 characters.

25.FREETXT: This website allows us to send free SMS worldwide. Just we need to pick up country name and enter the local number without any code. It supports up to 197 characters.

26.FMAIL2SMS.RU: Using this service we can send free SMS to any cellular phone worldwide without any registration. We can send 140 Latin and 70 national characters in message text.

27.TEXTBYSMS: TextbySMS is a fast, free way to send text messages to your friends, co-workers, and family worldwide. The message is usually received by cell phone within seconds.

28.CELLOP: CellOp provides free SMS services worldwide. It does not require any registration.

29.FREETEXTMESSAGER: Send free unlimited text messages to your friends, family or co-workers in the US, Canada and the rest of the world. No limit for number of characters.

Swisscom Mobile can send up to 500 SMSs free of charge every month and have access to thousands of great pictures. It requires registration and Message length is 160 characters.

31.Jungle SMS: Jungle SMS allows us to send 50 free SMSs worldwide (up to 178 countries). We need to register first in order to send SMS, text messaging service is very fast, but all messages contain an ad for Jungle SMS. Message length is 150 characters.

32.Cell Freak: The Cell Freak provides unlimited Free SMS messaging to mobile phones internationally with 160 characters in length. It requires registration to send SMS.

33.MJOY: A worldwide free sms service for sending text messages from the website to any mobile phone in the world. You have to register, and you get an inbox to sort your messages and free sms with no limit to the message size.
34.TXT2DAY:Now you can send free text messages to almost any major cell phone provider in the world. Text message can be of 140 characters, it does not require any registration.

Yellowpipe allows us to send free SMS only in North America with 160 characters in length. We can send SMS to a mobile phone, fax machine, and IP address.

As all are best choose best of best for yourself


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