Monday, December 27, 2010

20+ Best Way To Increase Your Traffic Website And Blog

If you are a blogger and you have started blogging just few month ago then one question which always raise in your mind is "How to increase traffic in your blog"because this is the question which is raised by all of new user .So i decided to write post on this topic so that new user can understand this concept .

These are the best tips by following those you can increase traffic in your website:

1.Try to be yourself

Just be yourself in your blog just try to show yourself different from other and also try add your matter .

2.Never stop Advertising

If your blog is getting good traffic then don't stop advertising on your blog.

3.Do something which is done by no one

Always try to write post on niche which is not posted by anyone ,if you do so you will surely get the traffic.

4.Try to add video

Try to add videos in your post related to content which always clear your concept to user.

5.Join Forums

Write good Articles, tutorials and post your blog link as a source. It will catch the eyes of people

6.Try to write review

Try to write review this will give you lot of traffic.

7.Try to create Wordpress Plugin

Try to create Wordpress plugin this one might be for the smart computer geeks out there.

8.Be a Human in your blog

Don't copy the content this will not make you perfect.

9.Use Feedburner

When people subscribe to your blog through feedburner then it will give you traffic.

10.Use social bookmarking

Try to use social bookmarking like twitter,digg,reddit stumble this will give you good traffic.

11.Link exchange

Link exchange is great source of Traffic, exchanging links with high-traffic websites gives your website more worth.

12.Submit your site to directories

Try to Submitting your site to directories is a very good way to gain backlinks and traffic.

13.Join Yahoo answer

This is the truth that 15% of the traffic on this site comes from Yahoo Answers. Answer the people on yahoo, and give your site’s link.

14.Try to relation with bloggers

Try to Develop Relationship with all kinds of Bloggers, espically those who are in your niche

15.Start polls in your blog

Try to run at least one poll in your blog so that they will engage in your blog for long time.

16.Submit your blog to search engine

Try to add your site URL to big search engines like bing, google, yahoo, etc

17.Ignore Heavy themes

Try to ignore theme which are very heavy because this will took to much time to open your blog and user have no time to wait .

18.Put signature

Try to put signature in forums and threads like Window7forums,Ubuntuforums etc.

19.Tag your pictures

If you have image in your post then it should be tagged properly.This will help in getting your image listed in google image search.

20.Give reply to your comments

Try to give reply to your comments because this will built relationship with users.

21.Comments on others blog

Try to comments on other blogs because this will make your relation with that blogger and plz don't spam.

22.Run contest

Try to run contest in your blog this will took user to your blog for long time.

23.Good design

Try to make your blog good and sensible so that it will attract user and don't make it like crap .

Tip From Author:Try to put good ,real and your content in your blog this will give you good traffic and increase your blog ratings.

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