Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Best Online Games For PC

The 10 best online games for PC are listed below. Each has an interactive multiplayer mode, which allows anyone to get online and play against other, real people, who are trying to further their online games as well. Following are the ten best online games for PC.

Unbeatable in popularity, "WoW," which came out several years ago, still attracts more users than any other PC game. It is certainly among the top few online games, as any rating will tell you.

This game for Windows is superb. It is a modern first person shooter that allows all users to compete in virtual combat with actual weaponry.

This game first came out with the original "Half-Life." It is a superb team shootout game, in which players can choose from various classes on each team, each of which as unique weapons and combat attributes.

"UT," another classic, has some of the best online play for any PC game. Players participate in virtual competition in which they must defeat everyone else, or members of opposing teams.

"COD World at War" takes players back a few decades, and lets them fight with WW2 gear. Like all "Call of Duty" games, online play is unbeatable.

A newer version of the old classic, awesome weapons, new maps and new vehicles are available in this one. This is certainly among the ten best online games for PC.

This is a classic online game for football fans. Take control of your team, and beat out rivals in this one.

The online multiplayer for "Half-Life 2" is excellent. Numerous weapons and maps are available for interactive play in this game, which is now several years old, but still a classic.

The original "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six" has phenomenal online play. For a virtual experience playing as part of a tactical unit with corresponding weapons in various types of gameplay, including deathmatch, play "Rainbow Six."

This Western shooter has fantastic online play. Players fight one another in Western environments, and they may partake in many different game modes.

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